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Flexi small square plant pot

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Flexi small square plant pot

Flexi small square plant pot is the innovative and Eco-friendly choice for your garden

  • Heavy-duty and durable for all seasons and is weighted to discourage tipping over
  • Totally permeable that will protect against over-watering by allowing excess water to drain out, while still keeping enough water to keep the plant nourished.
  • These are also child friendly and very flexible, if knocked over or your child falls onto them there would be minimal damage if any to the planter or child, making then the safest choice


Outer: Height 7″ Width 7″

Inner: Depth 6″ Width 5″

Weight: 3lb 4oz

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Product Description

Flexi small square ribbed plant pot

Flexi small square plant pot is a innovative and Eco-friendly choice for your garden‘ our hand made recycled rubber planters made from rubber granules and a three part resin making them strong flexible and safe around children.



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